Cabinet Doors

Cabinets are found in any home, whether its Kitchen Cabinets, Shoe Cabinets or Bathroom Cabinets these are needed for different storage purposes.  The durability of your cabinet depends on the quality of Cabinet Door.  And these can come in various materials and sizes.

While wooden cabinet doors are the most commonly available types for Kitchen Cabinets they are susceptible to decay from moisture and termites.  Especially Bathroom & Basin Cabinets where doors come in contact with water, wood or laminate based doors may not last long.

Cabinet Door Front

Cabinet Door Back

We now offer Cabinet Doors with metal body and Poly Carbonate Glass panels.  These are more durable due to the Aluminium frame and can be fitted with design panels.  And we have hundreds of the art series to choose from.

Kitchen Cabinet











Other Cabinet








Cover your Kitchen Sink or Wash Basin cabinets with a striking façade or revamp your old kitchen cabinets with these attractive & beautiful doors to give it a new look instantly.

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